Teknopanel Roof and Wall Insulated Panels CO. was founded in Mersin, a Mediterranean port located in Southern Turkey, on January 24, 2005.

It is headquatered in the Tarsus-Mersin Industrial Zone on a 33,600 m2 area which includes the Company’s offices and production facilities.

The Company’s goal is to provide materials and services to countries besides Turkey, Europe, The Turkic Republics and especially to those in the
Middle-East and Mediterranean. Therefore, we selected Mersin for its convenient location and easy accessibility to facilitate sea shipments.

Teknopanel is specialized in design, production and distribution of insulated panels, trapezoidal sheets , extruded polystyrene (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS). With the new equipment and latest advanced technology in business, we put trapezoidal sheet and EPS production lines into service in January 2006 insulated panel line in August 2006 and XPS production line in March 2010.

As a new registered trademark, Teknopanel focuses on the most advanced technology for its operations with priorities to follow the required good practices of AR-GE Organization.

Since we are customer oriented, our goal is to serve clients in the construction industry by offering quality products which should conform to all business standards and specifications. Therefore, Teknopanel accomplished to be the first sandvich panel producer in Turkey that has TSE in Rockwool Roof and Wall production. Also we have TSE in the polyurethane ınsulated sandwich panels production. In January 2010 Teknopanel has started to produce the panels
with CE sign.

Teknopanel has carefully selected authorized dealers to provide the best services at a local level for technical and sales inquiries and support, and is continuously planning to expand according to the Company’s growth plan.